Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Grossest, Most Embarrassing, but not the Bloodiest Squash Story

Someone whoshallnotbenamed shared this disturbing story this morning prior to my squash lesson. 

The squash pro was coaching a middle-aged woman and during a lunge, he heard a squish and plop noise. He saw a red blob on the floor of the squash court. Not known for his diplomacy, he rushes over and screams--EWWW! What is that blob? 

He thought it might have been the woman's gums or dentures. It turns out that it was her BLOODY TAMPON! 

As expected, the woman was mortified and has not returned for a squash lesson since. 

Incredulous, I had a lot of questions. First, I wanted to know HOW exactly this could happen. I mean wasn't she wearing underwear and shorts? Also if she was old enough to lose her dentures, then how could she still have a period? 

Then I wanted to know if they called the MOD (manager on duty) to clean up the blood. Every time there is blood on the court, a report has to be filled out and a modified version of the HAZ MAT team has to clean up the blood. (I know because I had a head on court collision, resulting in copious blood splatters) 

Not wanting to attract any further unwanted attention, the woman rushed to the ladies' room and cleaned it up herself. 

Moral of the story? WEAR UNDERWEAR WHEN YOU PLAY SQUASH! Or more kegels!

google had this image accompanying an article on pads vs. tampons. 

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  1. omgoodness. we both cringed while reading this- I read it aloud. while I'm not in direct danger of a squash lesson anytime soon, I'm frantically kegeling right this minute just in case!!!!