Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Clockwork Orange Choreography and Tattoos

Last night my friend Rose and I were having a post-theater drink dissecting Vaclav Havel's play Leaving (currently at the Wilma Theater). This was an upscale bar--my friend doesn't do DIVE very well. I noticed that our bartender had very elaborate, unusual tattoos on both arms. I asked him if there was a story behind them. Turns out that he is a dancer/choreographer and apparently bartender. Here is the strangely fabulous story he told.

He was working in Germany for a very difficult director on a theater production of Clockwork Orange. (already it sounds strange). He knew in advance (a premonition?) that the production would be disastrous, but it paid the big bucks, so he signed on board. The director proved to be a nightmare. He would later find out that 2 other choreographers had quit prior to opening night. He cited one particular fight scene that he choreographed, where the director butchered it. 

As a side note, he did say that the dead cat scene was done quite well. 

The production was housed in a famous old theater (can't remember the name). The ceiling had magnificent patterns. When he returned to the states (he also quit prior to opening night), he had his tattoo artist etch the fleur de lis patterns from the theater ceiling on his arms and back. 

A reminder of the one thing beautiful from the production.
A cautionary reminder about money and integrity

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