Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Gotta LOVE how literal-minded kids are. Especially boys. They are a bit TOO truthful. Sometimes this works in your favor. Such as when they say--Mom, your butt isn't as big as the other mom's butts.  So recently (like tonight) when I was imbibing just a wee bit (attitude adjustment hours are essential for effective parenting) my son commented on my cocktail napkin. 

Cole--look!! it's me!!! 
Cole responds in a slightly disdainful manner, 
MOM, you don't have green hair, 
MOM, your earrings aren't that dangly, 
MOM, you don't have a lady bug on your head, 
MOM, you don't dress that stylishly (ouch!)  or as he would say--SNAP!
and MOM,  your wine glass isn't that big or filled all the way up to the top. 

(clearly he's not a detail-oriented child) 

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