Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More News of the Weird

This is from the May 29th issue of Noreaster magazine. 

Cultural Diversity: Last July, France turned down a petition for citizenship by a French Moroccan woman on the grounds that her submissiveness makes her "insufficiently assimilated" into the country's ethos of gender equality. Because she veils her body in public, rejects the idea of voting and leaves important matters  to the discretion of her husband, she's unfit for French culture. Does this sound weird to you? Isn't this someone who France should welcome into their country? Perhaps the opportunity for more freedom would be beneficial. 

Acupuncture:  Japan's Osakana Planning Co. administers acupuncture to each fish prior to its death to reduce stress. The benefits--superior quality of sushi. Is it me or does this seem a bit excessive or extreme? I can't even afford acupuncture for myself on a regular basis. Also does the doctor insert needles into the fish while in a tank of water? Or is the fish gasping for air as tiny needles are poked in? Do fish have chakras and meridians like we do? 

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