Monday, March 30, 2009

Missing Father Saga

After much contemplation, I decided I am not going to divulge the missing father saga, primarily because I could not spin it into even a slightly humorous tale. (And humor is the prime component of my blog) Also out of respect to my father, I doubt he would want his entire story aired for public scrutiny. Suffice to say that my father disappeared when I was 8, reappeared for a few years when I was 18 and then has been incommunicado for the past 14 years. I think we are both glad that we saw each other, but for different reasons. That's it!


  1. This really strikes a nerve as we share an almost identical experience. I was 6 when he left, saw him again at 18 and then never again.

  2. I was also meant to experience a deadbeat Dad in this life. Maybe I was one in a past life? For some reason I did not seem to care that much. It mostly affected me, because my Mom blamed her “bad” life on him. Richard was basically an international hippie that everyone loved. All this love came out after he died this year in Ireland. It was strange people telling me what a great person he was (stranger to me) when they knew he abandon two children and a wife. When I think about him, like now, I feel he is here with me. This is totally creepy. I preferred him alive.