Thursday, March 12, 2009

evil all around us

I'm not talking about Evil with a capital "E". I'm talking about the lowercase kind. If you've been reading my blog, you know that I speak about demons on a regular basis. Demons seem to inhabit my life and much of my time is spent trying to exorcise (not to be confused with exercise) them. Demons possess my computer, camera and every type of technological device found in my home or at work. Right now, they have possessed my mouse (computer, not field) 

At least twice a week, demons possess my children and dog. They usually afflict me on a daily basis. I've realized that they are not restricted to the house or family however. For example in my yoga class on Monday, I was practicing exorcising my demons through deep exhalations. When I was almost demon-free, the song from the Exorcist began to play over the speakers. Clearly the demons were laughing at my attempts. You might be doubting my sanity at the moment. However I was not the only one who noticed the Exorcist theme. One student remarked, I was really in the zone until the Exorcist music came on. The teacher was blissfully unaware that demonic forces had overtaken the class. She is close to my age, so it is remarkable that she didn't even KNOW that this was a satanic song. 

In case you doubt me, evil with a small 'e' has 287,000,000 google results.

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  1. Colette you very insightful girl. Demons in electronics. Brilliant. It all makes sense now. The universe has quite a sense of humor. That is why I have my Mother.