Monday, March 30, 2009

Best Quotes from SPE

Contrary to popular belief, the Society for Photographic Education is not comprised of solely techies--sp? or stodgy academics. The majority of the folks are fun and like to party after conference hours (or sometimes during). This can lead to some interesting discussions and comments.

My two favorite comments of the weekend:

1. My crystal was really 'SHAKIN' in there.

(a response to an African and Indonesian art gallery with great feng-shui. my friend was carrying a very powerful crystal in her pocket.)

2. You are not ONE OF THOSE are you?

(This requires more context. I crashed an International Film Festival party across the street from my hotel. The main 'attractions' were naked women standing in various poses throughout the gallery. Picture a low-brow, lower cost version of a Vanessa Beecroft performance. A stereotypical male filmmaker character complete with black leather jacket, tinted sunglasses and ponytail  happened to be standing next to me. It's pitch black in the gallery, yet his ponytailed self refused to remove the tinted sunglasses. He makes a snide comment about the naked women--If they are going to stand there and entertain us, at least they could look happy about it. I knew I should just walk away. But I had to insert my opinion. I said that the director probably gave them instructions on how to look and also that it was not that easy to stand completely still in a distorted position for any length of time. At that, he looked at me and smirked--Oh, you are not one of those... are you? Meaning of course--the dreaded At which point I walked away. After 5 minutes, he found me again and confessed that despite my tendencies, I was the most interesting person there (besides the naked women). I told him that I preferred men half his age with more egalitarian attitudes and walked away AGAIN.)

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  1. Sunglasses. Stay away from people who wear sunglasses inside. He probably thought he was in a strip club versus a gallery. Cheers.