Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tobo the Beaver

Here's the much anticipated installment about Tobo, my recently adopted, insane greyhound. 
(see posts from February 10) After he bent the metal of his crate, the adoption agency suggested a 'baby' gate. This would keep him contained in an area, without aggravating his fear of small, confined spaces. The combination of the gate and  his 'reconcile' anti-anxiety medicine was supposed to fix all our relationship problems. Two days later, my friend left me an urgent page at the university. When she arrived at my house, there was a huge pile of wood chips about a foot long and 6 inches deep, where my sliding glass door frame used to be. Shredded carpet everywhere.  I am convinced that my dog is part beaver. Everyone (vet and adoption agency included) cannot explain how a dog could do so much damage. It will cost $1000 to replace the door, so for now, we look at the creatively chewed remains,  while pondering our existence. I thought the dog was for sure a goner. But grace was smiling down on him that day and my husband didn't make me send him back. The adoption agency suggested a new medicine which is a 'light' sedative (non-addictive--yea right!) as well as a muzzle. Funny how when they sent me home with the muzzle, they didn't tell me that he 'needed' it. This is why God makes kids and animals cute--so you don't murder them. 

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