Friday, February 13, 2009

Extending the Male Life

Transitioning from the Philly Metro to the Penn Academic News, one does not expect to find correlations. However the recent study done in the Vet school about fertility in mice, reminded me of the raccoon rapist. "Just Living With Females Extends the Reproductive Life of the Male Mouse" says Penn Veterinary  Researcher (January 22, 2009)

This should be good news. I know many heterosexual men think that women decrease the man's life expectancy due to stress. So this new study shows that straight male mice are more fertile when living with female mice (as opposed to living with a gay male mouse or alone). I think this is a phenomenal break through. Of course the researcher is already projecting the implications of this study on the human population. That means that the male can procreate more efficiently with his female cohort and produce more offspring, contributing to the world's overpopulation. Now the 'straight' feminists can rally, saying that men NEED us. Well we already knew that. How does this relate to the raccoon rapist? Well it's 2009 and everything still seems to revolve around the penis. 

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