Thursday, December 29, 2011

Only in Texas

This is a follow-up to previous posts on Things You Gotta Love About Texas and It Would ONLY Happen in Texas. Texas has its own brand of strange signage. Most recently there was a billboard which said
MAY THE PORK BE WITH YOU. 'nuff said about that. I don't plan on frequenting that pork establishment.

I often see gun stores advertising that they buy used firearms. Does this mean that they buy them after they've been used to kill someone/something? I mean why else would they be used exactly? Excuse me sir, I'd like to buy the gun that killed the 7 people in Walmart last week.  

this came up when i googled missing elderly alert

none of the dallas signs have posted rewards. maybe more
elderly would return if they got $$

My fav sign is the elderly amber alert. On all the highways, large LED screens notify drivers of missing old folks. Honey--grandma's gone missing, called the police! MISSING ELDERLY--1975 GREEN OLDSMOBILE PLATE #2OLD2DRIVE. Apparently this is a major epidemic, since I see different signs everyday. I would expect to see this in Florida, but not Dallas. I mean it's not a major hotbed of senior dating activity.

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