Sunday, July 31, 2011


Overheard Conversation:

2 women were talking about the benefits of low-rise jeans. One woman expressed concern that her "muffin-top" would show. The other woman explained that muffin-tops were kind-of an IN thing and that muffin-tops, tramp stamps and whale tales were all the rage. The first woman's partner was sitting nearby, clearly clueless to the conversation, yet feeling the need to voice his opinion. "I want to see your MUFFIN!" Woman responds--"You've seen enough of my muffin recently BUSTER!"

At which point, the second woman's adolescent son (also rather clueless) jumps in--WHO'S MUFFIN? WHAT KIND OF MUFFIN?

Both women are laughing hysterically, while the boy and man remain clueless

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