Sunday, April 19, 2009

Monsters & Vigilance

Last night I took my son and his friend to see Monsters & Aliens. On the way, I dropped off my teenaged daughter to 'hang' out with some friends. Since I did not know the friends, I asked to speak with the parents of the house where the 'hanging' was going to occur. Lots of texting was required to make this happen. Finally I am connected. Is this the Kennedy residence? Deep voice responds in the affirmative and tells me that his son Alex just called to tell a.k.a. 'warn' them of my impending call. He promptly passes the phone to his wife.  Hi Carol, my daughter Camille and her friends Caleb and Nancy are coming to see your son Alex at your house this evening. I just wanted to make sure that you were aware of the plans and that you or your husband will be home. She replies in a stern tone (or maybe it was just a deep voice for a female)--I appreciate your vigilance, it's most refreshing. me--Would you like my cell, in case you need to reach me? her--I suppose that isn't a bad idea. 

I couldn't tell if she was indeed SURPRISED at my call or just being FACETIOUS. This bugged me. Now if I was really vigilant, I would have gone to her house, scoped out the adjoining woods for potential ax murderers as well as checked the inside of the house for booze, guns, drugs, porn and condoms hiding in their son's bedside table. However I did NONE of these things--much to the relief of my daughter. Instead I made a simple phone call. When I picked her up later that evening, the twin Volvos were in the driveway, but no physical sign of the parents. Probably holed-up avoiding the teenagers and hoarding the booze, drugs, guns, porn and condoms. 

Monsters vs. Aliens (sequel to Monsters Inc)--starring Reese Witherspoon, who on the day of her wedding to a weather newscaster, is exposed to radiation and becomes a gargantuan female 'monster'. Actually she looked much hotter as a monster than as Susan in 'real life' animation land. Dickhead weatherman dumps the heartbroken Reese, instead of supporting her during her difficult time. Reese gets to save the world from EVIL aliens, but is an outcast from her family. Here's how I read the moral of the story--Girls can either marry the jerk who only cares about himself and his job OR can be an outcast from society, a.k.a. MONSTER. This movie is not promoting any HEALTHY relationship. Forget about egalitarianism or partnership. What's wrong with this picture? Of course the two 10 year-old boys thought it was hilarious.  (Their favorite line--You two-timing jerk!)

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  1. Hooray for your zeal! Kids are the best cause I know! And you're probably right about the parents being "holed up". I remember my own parenting days! CCC3Rivers